1 KW Hybrid Solar Power System

1 KW Hybrid Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant
1 KWp
Solar Panel in Watt
335 kWp
Solar Panel Qty
3 nos.
Solar Structure
1 KW
Off Grid Solar Inverter
1 KW
Solar Battery
2 Nos
Junction Box
1 Nos
DC Cable
30 Mtr
AC Cable
20 Mtr
Space required
100 sq feet
Solar Accessories
Fasteners, Cable Tie, Crimping Tool, Earthing Kit
Average Generation:
* 4 Units Per Day.
5 years for Complete System.
25 years for Solar Panels.
Delivery and Installation:
Delivery within 3 days from date of order/Sanction. 

Installation within 3 days from the date of delivery.
Solar Net-Metering:
Yes, Solar Net-Metering is applicable to this system. It depends on Government policy and availability.
Rs. 1,10,000* including Installation